Horners syndrome

Horners syndrome
Horner's syndrome (sometimes referred to as Horner's syndrome) - a disorder of the sympathetic nerves, which leads to a violation of the innervation of the eye muscles. Visually seen a lowered eyelid, constriction of the pupil, the eye flowing and certain other motor dysfunctions. It occurs equally in people of all ages, can be congenital. In children Horner's syndrome often results in multi-colored iris, when a child's eye has a dark color, and the second - light. The disease is relatively rare, but treatment delivers hassle neurologists.

Empty sella syndrome

Empty sella syndrome - a collection of disorders of the nervous and endocrine systems and organs of vision, developing as a result of bulging membranes of the brain into the cavity sella with simultaneous compression and spreading it on the walls of one of the main endocrine glands - the pituitary gland.

Achromatopsia. Causes and symptoms

Ahromaziya (achromatopsia) - a disease characterized by severe impairment of color perception, in which the patient sees the world in black and white.
The disease is related to hereditary diseases, which is characterized by an autosomal recessive pattern of inheritance.

Sometimes, however, the disease has acquired the character and develops due to damage to the optic nerve or the central portion of the retina. Very rarely, this pathology may occur against the background of glaucoma.
Most often the disease is detected in childhood.

Albino people


Albinism is a congenital disease. This disease Albinism in vzroslyhpodrazumevaet absence in the skin, hair, nails, pigment and iridescent eye shells of the pigment melanin. The name "albinism" comes from the Latin "albus", which in Russian means "white." This disease is known a long time, as his descriptions are even found in the documents of ancient Rome and Greece.

Dermatitis on legs. The causes of dermatitis

dermatitis on legs
One of the most common skin diseases on hands and feet, which is not transmitted through contact with the patient, is a dermatitis. It can occur as a response to an allergen or infection. Equally often such a reaction on the skin is the result of diseases of internal organs, which manifest themselves in the form toxicoderma.
Treat dermatitis on the feet and hands is possible and necessary. The time required to complete relief of symptoms of the disease depends on the degree of neglect and approach to treatment.

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