One week diet

One week diet
In order to be in our body is not compromised metabolic control intake should be no less than 1200 calories. One week diet is the most common due to the ease of its implementation and a small time interval. Every person who is trying to cope with excess weight knows what the word diet. The general principle is to reduce calorie diet daily intake of 1,000 kcal.

Such a diet should be soft and offer slimming body as vitamin and mineral complex supplying the process. Caloric content of such a diet should support the functioning of the human body in normal, moderate physical activity.

The main purpose of a one week diet is effective and sufficiently rapid weight loss in a short period of time. To achieve the best results you need the willpower to stick to it as necessary, and after weeks of treatment, and if not adhered to, repeated at least once every two months.

Characteristics of a one week diet

7 days is a reasonable period in order to see the result of the chosen method of supply. Such a diet can be as useful to the human body and cause him irreparable harm. All this is entirely dependent on the selection of products and selected diet.

Since the diet of the week reduces the consumption of carbohydrates (flour, pastries, potatoes) that carries a lot of calories, you have to eat low-calorie foods such as vegetables and fruits. As a result of the turmoil of the body and lose weight. Also remember that the results can help to achieve just the right food.

Diet for a healthy lifestyle is recommended by nutritionists, as it helps to keep the body and skin in good condition. Its essence lies in choosing the right diet for the week, as well as the calculation of energy used and the counting of calories consumed. With this diet, your body will not feel much stress, but will work very balanced.

Types of one week diet and their essence

There are hundreds of diets that require a week to lose 5 to 10 pounds. Juice, grapefruit juice, low-carbohydrate diet (Kremlin), protein, buckwheat, all of these diets - for one week. Unfortunately, in the long run, none of them offers a balanced diet is necessary for a healthy lifestyle and maintaining a healthy weight.

The essence of a protein diet is that you can only eat protein foods than cause a deficit of carbohydrates. Carbohydrate and fat sources of fuel our body with their own lack of burnt fat.

Low-carbohydrate diet (Kremlin) suggests a limited consumption of carbohydrates, the main source of energy. To replenish the energy balance of the body uses fat.

Buckwheat diet is considered hard mono-diet. In one week, is expected to lose up to 7 kg vesa.No the fact that apart from buckwheat whole week, nothing can be consumed. This diet is not balanced, but is easily maintained due to the fact that buckwheat is available in any quantity.

By entering into the fight against excess weight, do not forget that a stable and balanced diet requires a stable weight. As soon as the first go pounds, you will feel that the one week diet helps you to keep yourself in shape. Do not forget about exercise. Remember that can be gained only what a good effect on your body.

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