Caries detection

Only the previously dental caries detection allows to perform dental caries treatment at an early Stage . Studies have shown, That dental caries detection traditional visual inspections and sensing, Allows you to detect at an early stage each third case. The diagnosis is often put to only when changes the surface enamel is already clearly visible Or when enamel " boned " when sensing . The use of an early Diagnosis allows you to identify hidden dental caries at a very early stage.

Fluorescence - a phenomenon that can detect caries beneath the enamel. Highlighting the problem area of ​​the tooth with red light (655 nm), the decay products of the carious light up in different colors (wavelengths greater than 680 nm).
There is a device that uses this principle – the DIAGNOdent. It is small, handy and provides sound and digital data by which you can judge the activity of caries and effectiveness of remedial measures.
The survey in the dental clinic by using the ' DIAGNOdent ' teeth should be cleaned. KaVo ' firm ' recommends the following procedure:

  1. The professional cleaning of the teeth are scanned by a specialist after cleaning and prevention to fluoridation. 
  2. Before scanning your teeth and the area between them well is dried, because saliva causes a change in the direction of the beam like a prism, especially in the interdental spaces. Dentist diagnoses tooth having higher values.
  3. Dentist makes a treatment plan.
There is no doubt that this will be able to help you in an early stage caries detection.

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