What causes mental illnesses

What causes mental illnessesA variety of factors can affect the mental illness, the list can be very long. Treatment of mental illness, respectively, appointed depending on the cause. Very often, a number of mental disorders is inherited, and if a few children get sick a disease, then we can talk about hereditary.
Some mental illnesses arise as a result of a number of environmental factors, that is stress situations, use of drugs, Global changes in human life. Frequently observed in patients who have already emerged mental disease, an imbalance in the chemical composition of the brain. They become either hypersensitive or in their body produces an excess of a substance known as dopamine. Dopamine is the nejrotransmitterom, a substance through which the brain is able to transfer information from cell to cell. If there is an imbalance of dopamine in the body, the brain unpredictable reaction that leads to Manius or hallucinations.
Treatment of mental illness may well be successful, if we determine the source of the disease. After all, mental illness, the list of which is very large, and most also have a different nature. Established that the inhabitants of those countries where fish is low intakes of depression is more common. It makes a great contribution to the development of a lack of folic acid, omega-3, selenium and the amino acid tryptophan. A lack of fat and antioxidant vitamins play a role in the development of such diseases as schizophrenia.

Mental illnesses and symptoms
Products that are useful for the brain: 
vegetables, especially leafy;
seeds and nuts;
whole grain; 
wheat germ;
fish, especially fatty.

Products, harmful to the brain: 
junk-food products refried;
the technological processing of foods; 
tea and coffee; 
some supplements.

The prevalence of mental disorders 
Is well known that one in a hundred people in the world suffers from mental illness. For the first time, these disorders occur in adolescence, and in the period from 20 to 30 years. These disorders occur equally in men and women.

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